Its funny.  I saw a news email on Friday regarding Whitney partying in LA.  Just a glimpse but I thought about what an amazing singer she is (now was) and will she ever come back.

She was amazing. I remember back in the day when I was deep into the underground Hip Hop/House scene just not feeling commercial music (what a farse) but stilla avid record collector and I still loved Whitney but only a fleeting romance.  I remember having a phone conversation with Dionne Warwick via her nephew who I hung around with and thinking “wow! I am talking to Whitneys Aunt” not Dionne Warwick the legend - she was that BIG.

But still never really listened to Whitney.

I knew the classics, the hits and the film tracks but I never sat down and really listened. But when I met my wife (my own music connoisseur), she showed me some Whitney moments and I can honestly say it were amazing and how she touched people with her voice.  She was vocally incomparable.

I used to hear about her personal antics from my friends who would be plugging her music or working in her team over here in the UK, the crazy rumours in the industry and I felt sad that such a talent was just so unhinged.  But that is curse of a genius, they are bordering on the insane.  When I saw her on the X factor a few years back I realised that she was still in trouble (it was sad to see her so messed up) but I hoped that she would bless us with yet more Whitney moments, but alas she is gone.

Rest In Peace Whitney.  

You left us with something that will never be repeated or forgotten - your incredible voice.